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Our Programs

At The English Academy, we offer a variety of programs to meet our clients' needs. These courses are taught in our private classes, group classes, or offered to professionals for corporate training. 

English classes in Plano, courses are accent reduction, grammar, reading, writing, communication skills, presentation skills, conversation/idioms, business speaking/writing, TOEFL, Language Arts

  • Accent Reduction: Students will work on consonant and vowel sounds, pitch, basic sentence intonation, stress, rhythm, vowel lengthening and reduction, and linking and joining sounds.  It is designed for those who want to improve their pronunciation, speak more clearly, and be better understood. A diagnostic test will be given to students before the course begins to determine their errors and provide them with opportunities to learn and master the sounds and patterns of English.

  • English Grammar: This course focuses on the proper construction of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and verb tenses in both spoken and written English. The teacher will provide students with feedback along with the instruction of punctuation and mechanics of written English used in emails, tweets, essays, letters, texts, and more. 

  • Writing: In this course, the teacher makes writing fun, encouraging, and exciting while enforcing the proper use of grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics, and word choice. The teacher will provide essential feedback to ensure students are communicating and organizing their ideas clearly in various forms of writing. 

  • Idioms/Conversation: English idioms are phrases and expressions that are hard to understand, but they are used so often in everyday English, it's impossible to avoid them. The teacher will present them in context, simple conversations, and role-play, to build fluency as they are an essential part of the cultural elements of the English language. Some examples are: the rule of thumb, to think on your feet, to be under the weather, to look like a million dollars, and more!

  • Listening Comprehension: Listening comprehension is the basis for students' speaking, reading, and writing skills. This course will help students communicate effectively in daily conversations, outings, meetings, or just talking! Our teachers use practical, fun, and efficient techniques to engage students in many activities to improve their understanding and pronunciation of the English language and build confidence. 

  • Communication Skills: Having responsive and engaging communication skills will leave a powerful impression, whether it is a face-to-face conversation or in a formal email. In this class, students will learn to communicate with others with confidence in formal and informal settings, formal and informal writing, strengthen interpersonal skills, and make a positive first impression.  Students will leverage the knowledge gained to enhance their rapport and employment prospects. 

  • Presentation Skills: Students will practice and work on developing the confidence to stand up and deliver a captivating presentation to any audience. In this class, the teacher will use techniques to help students learn and practice the fundamentals of making a presentation, such as using the correct body language, pacing, voice modulation and control, encouraging audience interaction and keeping them engaged, and finally delivering the presentation successfully. 

  • Business Speaking/Writing: Developing extensive speaking and writing skills in the workplace is the key to success. Writing outstanding proposals, reports, agendas, emails, and other forms of business writing will give students the benefit to distinguish themselves in the business world. The teacher will enforce using proper sentence construction, grammar, developing spelling skills, punctuation, word choice, learning email etiquette, and writing tweets and texts.  

  • English for Special Purposes: This course is customized for each student and focuses on the pronunciation and spoken and written communication skills needed in specialized areas, such as business meetings, giving a lecture, banking, food and retail services, medicine, management, and various industries. The curriculum focuses on the learning level and pace of the student and includes vocabulary, pronunciation, listening/speaking, and writing while allowing students to engage in role-plays, interact with the teacher or other students, and practice in and out of the classroom in real-life situations.

  • Language Arts: We teach reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary to native and non-native speakers ages K-12.

  • Test Preparation: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, SAT, US Citizenship Test

  • Spanish lessons: We now offer Spanish lessons to all ages and levels. Our highly experienced teachers will provide instruction in speaking, reading, writing, idioms, and understanding the Spanish language. The teacher will focus on grammar, pronunciation, composition, spelling, vocabulary, and dialogue

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